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Moving Out

Dear Resident:

We hope you have enjoyed renting from J & W!  In order that we may mutually end our relationship on a positive note, this move out letter describes how we expect your unit to be left and what our procedures are for returning your security deposit.

Basically, we expect you to leave your rental unit in the same condition it was when you moved in, except for normal wear and tear.

Specifically, here’s a list of items you should thoroughly clean before vacating:

  • Floors:  Sweep wood floors, vacuum carpets and rugs (shampoo if necessary)
  • Wash kitchen and bathroom floors
  • Walls, baseboards, ceilings, and built-in shelves
  • Kitchen cabinets, counter tops, sink, stove and oven–inside and out
  • Refrigerator–clean inside and out, empty it of food, and turn it off with the door left open
  • Bathtubs, showers, toilets and plumbing fixtures
  • Doors, windows and window coverings

Please don’t leave anything behind including bags of garbage, clothes, food, newspapers, furniture, dishes, plants, cleaning supplies or other items that belong to you.  Any furniture which is to be left for incoming tenants should be labeled with a note so our maintenance staff does not dispose of it. Any items left behind not labeled will result in deductions from security deposits.  Also, if you have a pet, please make sure all pet waste has been cleaned up around the property and disposed of properly.

All trash should be placed in the existing trash bins. DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS ON THE SIDEWALK. You will need to arrange for the disposal of large furniture, mattresses and other items that do not fit in the trash bins.  If you live in Providence and there are 6 or less units in your building, please call Providence Public Works at 800-972-4545 to arrange for any bulky items to be picked up.   If there are more than 6 units in your building, please call us to schedule a pickup from Republic Services.

Please be sure you have sent the post office a change of address form, returned any cable equipment and disconnected any utility services that you may have had turned on.

All keys must be returned by 10am on the last day of your lease agreement.  Please return keys in a sealed envelope with the address of the unit you are vacating.

Please be prepared to give us your forwarding address where we may mail your security deposit.  It’s our policy to return all deposits within twenty days after you have moved out, returned the keys, and provided us with a forwarding address.  If any deductions are made for past due rent or because the unit is damaged or not sufficiently cleaned they will be explained in writing.

Thank you for your tenancy and good luck!